Arts to Remember – A Great Holiday Gift

Arts to Remember – A Great Holiday Gift

Our talented kiddos have been busy in art class creating their one-of-a-kind self portraits. You now have the opportunity to buy a wide range of affordable items with your child’s beautiful art prominently displayed on it. Perfect holiday and New Year’s gifts! Proceeds go to the LFCSA PTA that funds field trips, arts programs, and support services.
Things to Know:
Your child’s order code will be on their personalized order form that is being sent home in their backpack on Thursday, November, 1st. Once you have the code, ordering online is a breeze. Or you can use the order form and return it to your child’s teacher with a check.

If you choose the free shipping option or the paper order form, the items you order will be passed out at school the week before we leave for winter break.

If you want your items faster and/or shipped to your home instead of school, you can pay for shipping fees and have it sent to you directly.

Helpful Ordering Tips:

  1. If you don’t have an Art to Remember account, go to and click on Shop.  Create your account.  If you’ve ever shopped with Art To Remember before, then your account is still active.  You may sign in with your login info.
  2. Enter your child’s Online Order Code in the appropriate area to upload the artwork that was submitted to Art To Remember.  You may also upload additional artwork that has been scanned onto your computer.  Remember, you can upload artwork from siblings (who do not attend LFCSA), so they may be part of the fun!
  3. After your artwork has been uploaded, you may proceed to select your keepsakes.
  4. You may submit your paper order form, instead of ordering online, if you choose.  Please turn in your order forms and payment to your teacher, by the deadline.  Please note that if you choose to use the paper order form, you will not be able to add additional artwork.
  5. DEADLINE is November 7, 2018 for all orders.