Class Schedule

2018-19 Pick up and Drop off Schedule

Our gate opens at 7:30a.m. Parents can drop off any time after 7:30a.m. for supervised play on the yard. However please do not arrive earlier then your child’s pick up time as it will cause congestion in our carpool lane and delay pick up.


-Please do not get in the pick up shift before you.  Wait on the right side or in the back of our parking lot until it’s your scheduled time.  Let other parents get by and try to not come early.  Your child will not be ready to be picked up if you come before your scheduled time.
-Please stay in the car.  We will bring your child(ren) to you. If you must park, remember to always use our school’s parking lot (behind the black gate) and not our neighbors’.  Security will ticket you, and our neighbors will call to complain.
-Walk ups to the gate are reserved for parents that take public transportation or park on San Fernando.
Thank you very much for your help!


LFCSA entrance is on 19th street. Do not enter through the Albion Elementary entrance on 18th street.

Park on Albion or 19th street if you plan on walking your child to the gate. Otherwise use the carpool drop off on 19th street for pick up or drop off. .