Drop off, Pick Up and Carpool



As you approach the school you will see a clearly marked route to allow students to be dropped off safely. The route goes from the school gate, all the way back to the parking lot, and then circles back to the front of the school where you will drop off your children in front of the playground. Yard supervisors will be waiting for you at the entrance to the playground, and will escort students from the car into the safety of the playground.

Drop off begins at 7:30AM.  Please do not drop off students earlier as our school is closed and there is no supervision.



Please try not to arrive before your scheduled time, as the students are not ready to be dismissed and early cars congest our pick up loop. Thank you!

The yard supervisors will bring your children to your cars. Should you need your child PRIOR to the official pick up time (e.g., doctor’s appointment), please go to the School Office and our staff will get the student for you. Pedestrian parents please line up in the designated area next to the playground. For those parents wishing to walk up to the school to pick up their child please find legal street parking on San Fernando Road.



All persons entering the Media Center are expected to follow Media Center rules and regulations as LFCSA resides on their property.  The posted signs are for all persons to follow.  When driving in the Media Center, the posted speed limit is 10MPH.  If the LFCSA community disregards Media Center Security, it is grounds for a warning and subsequently a ticket.  The Media Center Security reserves the right to handle all matters that relate to their job and the security of our facility and students.

All parking for LFCSA will be in the back of the building. The exception will be the Handicapped Parking, which is located next to the building as you exit the gate. Drivers with permits still need to follow the entire route that circles through the parking lot. All LFCSA drivers that enter the Media Center need to park in the LFCSA parking area only and not in other locations in the Center. We do not want to infringe on our neighboring businesses.