Students are more successful when family and community publicly and consistently support the students’ activities and learning. Parents and guardians significantly impact student learning, directly and indirectly by providing models of learning and interacting with their children in ways that facilitate learning. LFCSA views parents and guardians as essential partners, and values their involvement in all facets of school life, from volunteering in the classroom to sharing ideas with school leaders. For that reason, LFCSA parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer 40 hours per school year to assist with maintenance of the school site, classroom set-up, infrastructural and administrative support, committees, or in the classroom with the project based curriculum, field trips, etc. Find out about volunteer opportunities here. 


LFCSA’s PTA brings together our school’s parents, teachers and staff to enhance our students’ school experience. Our regular meetings give members the chance to forge bonds with parents, faculty and staff. The LFCSA PTA sponsors activities and programming that bring our community together, support learning, and improve the relationship between school and home. With these goals in mind the LFCSA PTA funded construction of our school playground, continuing education seminars for our teachers at Columbia Teachers’ College and field trips for our students. We provided snacks for students taking test, sponsored monthly coffees with the principal and participated in neighborhood clean-up events, including the Martin Luther King, Jr., Day of Service. Also, the LFCSA PTA donates funds to PTA-sponsored dental and vision clinics that serve children across Los Angeles. To support our various projects, as well as contribute to LFCSA’s needs, the PTA sponsors several fundraisers throughout the year, including our annual Jog-a-Thon, our Book Faire, the Groove Celebration, and t-shirt sales among others. To identify which projects and programs are right to fund with the proceeds, the Executive Board works closely with the administration. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the LFCSA PTA membership to vote and approve the use of every dollar we raise. Our PTA is part of a statewide network of PTAs, that advocate for students across California and the US. The time our members contribute to our activities and events are logged and recorded nationally to strengthen the organization’s lobbying and advocacy efforts. Contact us at or leave a message in the PTA drop box at the school.


President   Laura Logsdon  

Vice President  Anita Sheridan  

Treasurer  Jamie Preciado   

Secretary Viviana Elinger  

Historian Julianna Sankaran-Felix   

Financial Secretary Kristin Fox  

Parlamentarian  Betsy Chapman  

Membership  Shannon Noel    

Auditor  Michele O’Marah         

Board Liason  Carolin Bennett    

Principal Dr. Linda Lee


Ways and Means Committee 

Michele Kackovic

Bonnie Fisher                  

Lo Alpatt

Katerina Stergiopoulou                                 

Karen Morris        

Erika Tucker         

Rachel Mintz      


All PTA meetings will be listed on our school’s public calendar.


Join (or renew) today and become a member of the LFCSA community! Membership dues are collected annually.  Individual PTA membership is $10.  Family PTA membership is $15. Cash or checks payable to LFCSA PTA are accepted. Bring your payment with your application to the front desk.