Independent Study

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Independent Study FAQs

What is an Independent Study?  

This is an agreement with parents and the school that allows students to keep up with school work and get attendance credit, should they need to be absent from school.  If a student will be absent, the parent requests an independent study.  Depending upon the duration of the absences, the office or their teacher will be in contact with you to give you the written agreement, explanation of school work, and the work itself.  The work must be returned when the student returns.


Can I request an independent study after the absence?

No. The agreement must be made ahead of time.  There is not retroactive work.


Can I request an independent study the day my child is absent?

Yes, but the request must come in no later than an hour after their start time.

Ex: If your child has a 8:20a.m. start time, the independent study request must come in by 9:20 a.m.


Do we have to finish all the work?

Yes. In order to earn credit and continue participating in independent study, a student must complete assignments within the guidelines established by the LFCSA Board Policy (80% completion) and dates listed on the Independent Study Written Agreement. If a student does not complete an established number of assignments within the required time period, the student will be evaluated to determine if independent study is the correct option for the student.