Learning Themes

Each LFCSA grade level focuses on an overall learning theme for the school year. This overarching theme is designed to provide a framework for the students’ arts integrated project-based learning. Students investigate these themes through multiple learning areas: writing, art, social studies, science, mathematics and critical thinking.


Families:  Caring for One Another

Concepts/Ideas Explored: care, respect, responsibility and awareness of families
“Keeping Track” by integrating puppet pals, journals, class charts and stories.


What’s Up in Our Neighborhood?

Concepts/Ideas Explored: relationships, interdependence, responsibility and diversity
“Keeping Track” by integrating neighborhood notebooks, mural maps and neighborhood resource guides.


America’s Family Stories

Concepts/Ideas Explored: family, respect, cultural unity, identity, diversity and relationships
“Keeping Track” by integrating remembering boxes, personal narratives and stories


Our Town:  Exploring Links in the Community
Concepts/Ideas Explored: community, civic responsibility, continuity and change, patterns, interdependence, government, relationships
“Keeping Track” by integrating kids guide to the community and community puzzle.

Community Problem Solving:  Water, Air, Garbage
Concepts/Ideas Explored: problem-solving, civic responsibility, community, interdependence, environment.
“Keeping Track” by integrating reporter’s notebooks, newsletters and newspapers.


Geography Journey:  Adventuring in the U.S.
Concepts/ideas Explored: change, cause and effect, conservation and environment
“Keeping Track” by integrating field journals, field kits and presentations.

Discovering a Place Called State
Concepts/ideas Explored: continuity and change, responsibility
“Keeping Track” by integrating discovery journals and discovery packs.


Choice, Chance, Change: America’s Story—to 1776
Concepts/ideas Explored: cause and effect, patterns
“Keeping Track” by integrating quest bags, apprentice journals, class history books and talking timeline.

America Moves On: 1776 to the Present
Concepts/ideas Explored: cause and effect, patterns, diversity and government
“Keeping Track” by integrating curator notebooks, artifact backpacks and America Moves on Museum.