Our Board


Nika Serras, Chair

Qiana Patterson, Vice Chair

Lissa Sanders, Treasurer

Snehal Desai, Secretary

Seamus Garrity, Member

Margeaux Randolph, Member

Jerry Gonzales, Member

Access our board members’ bios here.

Board of Directors Email: Lfcsaboard@losfelizarts.org


Board Meetings are open to the school community and we encourage your participation. Board meeting materials can be viewed in the link below.

For the Most Current Board Meeting Agenda Click Here

Access all past LFCSA board meeting agendas and minutes Click Here.

All Board meeting documents are kept in a binder at LFCSA.  Contact Michelle Jones at michelle@losfelizarts.org to make an appointment to review any documents.

As consistent with the approved charter, LFCSA is governed by a Board of voting directors, comprised of no fewer than seven and no more than nine members, composed as follows:

(a) One (1) or two (2)  parent representatives (parent/legal guardians of currently-enrolled students at LFCSA);

(b) At least two (2) educators with expertise in K-12 education;

(c) Representatives of school partnerships and the local community;

(d) At least one (1) Director with expertise in School Business Management;

(e)In accordance with Education Code section 47604 (b), LAUSD may appoint a non-voting representative to the Board;

(f) At least one (1) Director must be Spanish speaking;

(g) At least one (1) Director must be an arts practitioner;

(h) There can never be 50% or more of board members with children currently enrolled in LFCSA.

The Board’s roles and responsibilities include establishing and approving all major educational and operational policies, approving all major contracts, approving the school’s annual budget and overseeing the school’s fiscal affairs, and selecting and evaluating the top administrative staff. In conjunction with the top staff, the board has the responsibility of determining what outside legal and consulting services the school requires and contracting for such services.