Families and PTA


Students are more successful when family and community publicly and consistently support the students’ activities and learning. Parents and guardians significantly impact student learning, directly and indirectly by providing models of learning and interacting with their children in ways that facilitate learning. LFCSA views parents and guardians as essential partners, and values their involvement in all facets of school life, from volunteering in the classroom to sharing ideas with school leaders.

For that reason, LFCSA parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer 40 hours per school year to assist with maintenance of the school site, classroom set-up, infrastructural and administrative support, committees, or in the classroom with the project based curriculum, field trips, etc. Find out about volunteer opportunities here. 


LFCSA’s PTA brings together our school’s parents, teachers and staff to enhance our students’ school experience. Our regular meetings give members the chance to forge bonds with parents, faculty and staff. The LFCSA PTA sponsors activities and programming that bring our community together, support learning, and improve the relationship between school and home.

Read more about our PTA here. Contact us at PTA@losfelizarts.org or leave a message in the PTA drop box at the school.